2018 Volkl VTA 108 Skis

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At the lightest end of Volkl's touring spectrum the VTA 108 is the ideal choice for both uphill quickness and downhill performance.
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Uphill enthusiasts will love the super-light performance and feel of the 2018 Volkl VTA 108 Skis. At the lightest end of Volkl's touring spectrum the VTA 108 is the ideal choice for both uphill quickness and downhill performance. With a Tourlite wood core, early rise tip, Ice.Off Topsheet, and a Carbon tip, the skis are designed with adventure in mind. Any ski this light that has a wood core has something going right for it. There's no reason to tour uphill on a wide ski that doesn't have any downhill capabilities. The early rise tip allows the ski to float up on any and all soft snow conditions. In the backcountry, you rarely encounter hard pack, so this is an essential piece of technology for the skis. When you're going uphill, the Ice.Off topsheet reduces snow buildup by shedding the layers off. This, in turn, makes the skis lighter and faster on the uphills. By adding carbon to the tips of the skis, Volkl has reduced the swing weight and the touring weight without losing performance. You'll still feel like you're skiing on a high-performance traditional Volkl ski, but it's super light and easy to turn. The skin-pin holes in the tips and the slots in the tails make it fast and easy to put your skins on and take them off. In the backcountry, every second counts, and in order to fully enjoy your tour, every possible detail should be considered. Volkl has left no stone unturned with the 2018 VTA 108.



  • Sidecut: 141/108/124 mm at 181 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 22 meters at 181 cm length
  • Ice.Off Topsheet
  • Carbon Tip
  • Early Rise Tip Rocker
  • Skin-Pin holes
  • Tourlite Wood Core
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert skiers


The VTA 108 is a ski dedicated to combining optimal climbing characteristics with great downhill performance in soft or variable snow. The 108mm waist is able to float in powder but is not so wide as to limit performance should things turn firm. It brings all of our touring technologies to bear, including a lightweight multi-layer wood core, touring optimized tip shape, and a carbon tip stabilizer. It also features the ICE OFF top sheet, designed to keep snow from sticking and further optimizing weight reduction when the skier needs it most.

    • Tip Rocker

  • CORE
    • Tourlite Woodcore

  • BASE
    • P-Tex 2100

    • Advanced, Professional

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