Sterling Fusion Ion R DryXP 9.4mm Rope 60m

9.4 mm Single Dynamic Rope, increased durability and versatile , now with DryXP
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Now available with DryXP, UIAA Water Repellent Treatment

In this, the latest version of the renowned Ion dynamic rope, Sterling retained the signature characteristics climbers always raved about: the comfortable handling sheath and the ideal 9.4 mm diameter. But to enhance its performance profile, it has radically updated the construction. Sterling likes to call it a crossover artist within the Lightweight series- it performs well across multiple climbing disciplines without playing favorites.

Non bicolor options include a Middle Mark.

Length: 60 meters

Weight: 57g/m

Impact Force: 8.7kN

Dynamic Elongation: 33.1%


Sterling DryXP Climbing Ropes

Absorption of water and contaminants changes the way dynamic ropes perform. It makes ropes heavier, affects their stretch and rebound characteristics, and makes them more prone to damage and increased rate of wear. The advanced treatments developed by Sterling's engineering team utilize specialized techniques and technology to protect your ropes and ensure they perform well in all conditions.

Below is a rundown of Sterling's proprietary dry treatments for dynamic ropes. 


Every Sterling dynamic rope for the last 20 years has featured our DryCore technology: This innovative process treats the all-important core fibers to prevent yarn-on-yarn abrasion and moisture absorption. This helps the fibers share loads more evenly and resist the negative effects of water. All of our dynamic climbing ropes have DryCore, even those that don’t go through the DeltaDry process. We think it’s that important. 


Sterling is proud to introduce our newest, most advanced dry treatment ever. DeltaDry is an environmentally-friendly, nano-particle coating that is applied to the entire rope for the greatest possible water resistance. With in-field testing and feedback from our team athletes, Sterling rope engineers refined this innovative new treatment to the point where many of our treated ropes are not only UIAA certified, but they also exceed their stringent standards for water absorption. And it does this without degrading the sought-after Sterling performance, handling and durability.

UIAA Dry Treatment

By early 2018, all of Sterling's Dry ropes will be treated to the DeltaDry process. This takes water protection to the next level and, on many of our ropes, far exceeds the UIAA Water Repellent Standard of 5% (see chart below). Dry ropes that exceed this standard are labeled as DryXP.

Sterling DryXP

DryXP™: Treated ropes that are certified to the UIAA Water Repellent standard of less than 5% water absorption.

Look for the DryXP or Dry labels on your favorite Sterling Rope. See below for details on which of our rope models feature what level of protection. 

DryXP Chart



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